Solar Inverters

Enphase completes largest installation in Australia

Enphase Energy has completed the largest microinverter installation in South Australia. Enphase installed their M215 Microinverters for a 100 kW rooftop PV system at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, which has a seating capacity for 12,000 people. The solar installation will provide a significant portion of the venue’s necessary power.


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Fronius ECO Solar Inverter

The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations. Thanks to its light weight and SnapINverter mounting system, this transformerless device can be installed quickly and easily either indoors or outdoors. This inverter range is setting new standards with its IP 66 protection class.


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ABB Trio-20.0-TL 3-Phase Inverter

This 20kW 3-phase commercial inverter offers more flexibility and control for large installations. The dual input section containing two independent Maximum Power Point Tracking, allows optimal energy harvesting from two sub-arrays oriented in different directions. The TRIO features a high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real power tracking.


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SMA Sunny Tripower

The Three-Phase Inverter that is perfectly suited to the design of the traditional residential PV system up to the higher power outage range. After all, with the addition of the new 10 kVA & 12 kVA versions, the Sunny Tripower product range covers a broad spectrum of applications. Users benefit from numerous tried-and-tested product features.


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KACO TL3 Powador

The Powador TL3 are solar PV inverters that combine the utmost efficiency with ultimate uptime for decentralized commercial and utility-scale solar power plants. With the new transformerless Powador 3-phase inverters, now even small roof systems can be realized with the most flexible line of 3-phase units on the market.


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SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL, 3600TL, 4000TL, 5000TL, 240

The Sunny Boy is the ideal solution, especially for demanding PV arrays and partially shaded systems. Sunny Boy 3000TL, 3600TL, 4000TL, 5000TL and 240 Micro inverter with reactive power control represent a cutting edge technology that sets the standard. Specially designed for countries that require UL listing, these inverters guarantee a safe installation process thanks to the automatic grid voltage detection.


SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL, 3600TL, 4000TL, 5000TL, 2402018-04-01T18:29:22+10:00

Enphase M250

Microinverters operate independently to generate more energy and greater cost savings than string inverters. If you’re using higher powered modules in a 230/400V system, the Enphase M250 micro inverter is your match. It offers all the advantages of the M215, optimised for modules of 210-350W.


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SMA Offers Unmatched Choice of Inverters for Solar Battery Backup

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is the only inverter manufacturer to collaborate with nearly all of the world’s leading manufacturers of battery-storage systems and solar panels. SMA inverters are thus qualified for use with various battery technologies, thereby helping create sustainable technical solutions to integrate batteries into solar panels PV systems of all output capacities.


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Aquion Energy Batteries Now Officially Supported by SMA

Munich, Germany – Intersolar Europe – June 8, 2015 – Aquion Energy’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) batteries are now fully recognized and supported by SMA Solar Technology AG for use with their Sunny Island Inverters. This official designation by SMA makes it easy for installers of solar panels to confidently integrate Aquion’s batteries with SMA’s inverters.


Aquion Energy Batteries Now Officially Supported by SMA2018-04-01T18:29:23+10:00