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Since 1985 SunPower has been leading global solar innovation, consistently delivering more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest performing solar power systems available. SunPower is the solar energy choice of more homeowners and businesses around the world.

SunPower Maxeon Cells Technology

Solid copper. Stellar results. 21.5% efficiency!

Sunpower’s Maxeon solar cell is fundamentally different. And dramatically better. With its unique copper foundation, SunPower cell delivers unmatched reliability and allows to build panels with the world record for highest efficiency. Maxeon™ cell technology is designed by SunPower in California. No other solar panel has it.

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SunPower Maxeon Cells Copper Technology

Cell Failures,
Virtually Eliminated

Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. But the unique design of SunPower solar cells eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional cells fail. So you’ll enjoy outstanding performance and savings for decades to come.

There are over 7 million SunPower panels installed across the globe, in every type of climate imaginable. SunPower manufactures panels with the highest energy production and unmatched reliability.

The SunPower Corporation Quality Management System has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope: The design, manufacture, and delivery/installation of high performance solar electric systems for residential, commercial and utility-scale power plant customers. SunPower module products are certified by TÜV Rheinland to comply with IEC standards for photovoltaic design and safety (61215 ed.2 and 61730).

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  • Sunpower X-Series and E-Series efficiencies

SunPower X-Series

Unmatched Performance, Reliability and Aesthetics. SunPower’s top-of-the-line solar panels gives homeowners and businesses more energy than any other solar panel on the market today. They deliver the highest efficiency available in a residential solar panel today, at a record-breaking 21.5%. That means homeowners get more electricity, more flexibility, more peace of mind, and lower electricity bills.

  • Most energy from less space:

    SunPower X-Series solar panels deliver 44% more power per panel. Which means you can create more power in smaller spaces, with fewer panels. And, you can position them on the sunniest parts of your roof.

  • Most electricity:

    Simply put, SunPower X-Series panels produce more electricity than conventional panels. They convert more sunlight to electricity, producing 75% more energy per square foot over the first 25 years.

  • Most flexibility:

    Because X-Series residential solar panels generate more electricity from a smaller area, you can expand energy production simply by using additional roof space to add more panels later.

  • Most peace of mind:

    More guaranteed power. SunPower offers the best combined power and product warranty over 25 years. And because they’re built on a solid copper foundation, SunPower solar cells deliver unmatched reliability over the lifetime of your solar energy system.

  • Most beautiful:

    X-Series panels are offered in SunPower® Signature™ Black, designed to blend harmoniously into your roof. Built using all-black solar cells and anti-reflective glass to reduce glare, the premium aesthetics can accommodate a variety of architectural styles.

Sunpower X-Series x21 solar panels in Melbourne Victoria

Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equal. 75% More Power!

It takes 25 conventional solar panels to create the same energy as with just 18 SunPower panels. Your household and your business shouldn’t be at the mercy of the next electric bill. SunPower can help you cut costs, lock in energy rates, and take a giant step toward energy independence. It’s time to take back control.

SunPower E-Series

Even the second in the SunPower range yields High Performance and Excellent Durability with extremely High Efficiency that the competition can only dream of. SunPower E-Series solar panels deliver efficient performance and long-lasting durability at a great value. Compared to other technologies, SunPower converts the greatest percentage of sunlight into electricity. This means that over the lifetime of your system, you’ll generate more electricity and save more money on your electricity bills.

sunpower e-series solar panels in melbourne vic

  • More energy from less space:

    SunPower E-Series solar panels convert more sunlight into electricity than conventional panels, delivering 36% more power per panel.

  • More electricity:

    SunPower E-Series residential solar panels convert more sunlight to electricity over the life of your system than conventional panels. Which means you produce 60% more energy over 25 years and save more on your electricity bills, too.

  • More flexibility:

    Because E-Series residential solar panels generate more electricity from a smaller area, you can expand energy production simply by using additional roof space to add more panels later.

  • More peace of mind:

    More guaranteed power. SunPower offers the best combined power and product warranty over 25 years.

  • More durability:

    The panels are designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free energy over a very long lifetime.

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