SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is the only inverter manufacturer to collaborate with nearly all of the world’s leading manufacturers of stationary battery-storage systems. SMA inverters are thus qualified for use with various battery technologies, thereby helping create sustainable technical solutions to integrate batteries into PV systems of all output capacities.

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“The expansion of photovoltaic applications with storage systems is an area that is making great strides entering the global photovoltaic markets,” said Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President of SMA’s Off-Grid and Storage business unit. “As an inverter manufacturer and PV system solutions provider, from residential-scale systems to power plants, we are working to ensure that our inverters are compatible with every battery technology available now and with those of the future. This gives customers the certainty that, with SMA inverters, they’ll always have the battery best suited to their applications, both today and tomorrow. This diversity in terms of supported battery-storage systems is thus far unmatched,” continued Wachenfeld. “For PV system operators, integrating optimally suited batteries into their PV systems means even greater reliability, the ability to make more accurate calculations and offers more flexible access to self-generated solar power, and therefore greater independence from rising energy costs.”

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SMA is working with the biggest and most innovative battery manufacturers worldwide. GNB Industrial Power/ Exide Technologies GmbH and Hoppecke, both offering storage solutions of any kind, including large storage systems for control energy applications, as well as BAE Batterien are among the lead-acid battery manufacturers. Samsung SDI, LG-Chem, Sony, Saft and BYD are on the list of major Li-ion cell and battery manufacturers. SMA is also working with start-ups and successful Li-ion battery system manufacturers including AKASOL, ads-tec, BMZ – The Innovation Group, Liacon, Leclanché, ECC-Schletter, Hoppecke and Super-B. In the field of high-temperature battery technology, Fiamm, with its sodium-nickel chloride battery (ZEBRA battery), is a leading player and an SMA partner, alongside Gildemeister energy storage GmbH with the CellCube, a market leader in vanadium redox flow batteries. SMA also partners with battery manufacturer Aquion, who has brought their safe and environmentally friendly Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) technology to full series-production. This means SMA offers users a degree of choice never before seen when it comes to using the right battery.

In addition to the batteries made by the manufacturers listed above, the Sunny Island battery inverter can be used with every lead-acid battery available worldwide thanks to its integrated Battery Management System (BMS). Furthermore, as a result of the standard interface between battery and inverter, SMA is open to collaborating with other battery manufacturers.

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About SMA

The SMA Group with sales of more than €800 million in 2014 is the global market leader for solar inverters, a key component of all PV plants and offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures. It is headquartered in Niestetal, near Kassel, Germany, and is represented in 21 countries. The Group employs more than 4,500 people worldwide. SMA’s broad product portfolio includes a compatible inverter for every type of module on the market and for all PV system sizes. The repeatedly awarded product range includes system technologies for grid-connected photovoltaic systems as well as off-grid and hybrid systems. The technology is protected by more than 550 patents. The range of services is supplemented by comprehensive services and operational management of large-scale PV power plants. Since 2008, the Group’s parent company, SMA Solar Technology AG, has been listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (S92) and also in the TecDAX index.