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GCL Solar Technology is the world’s #1 manufacturer of solar wafers, with OEM products used by Trina, CSI, Yingli, Jinko & Hareon, JA, Suntech. Being the oldest solar tech manufacturer, GCL implements 52 step quality control process and true vertical product integration.

GCL P6‐60‐235/240/245

GCL solar modules can be used for both off‐grid and on‐grid applications. With high‐yield efficiency and longterm performance they are ideal for utility, commercial or residential roof‐top installations. GCL stands behind the modules with superior  manufacturing, quality control and design.

GCL products have passed IE61215, IEC1730, UL1703,  standard testing and have obtained TUV and CGC certifications in major global markets like China, Europe, Japan and the United States, and applied for  CQC and JET certification. Components used in special applications have also passed the PID tests, salt moisture corrosion tests, and ammonia resistance tests and other testsfor extreme conditions.

  • Lumenaus is an Authorized Dealer for GCL in Australia
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Solar Technology Pioneers. 25 Years Of Innovation.

GCL was the first to launch 275w Polycrystalline module in Australia, World’s first mass-production facility of 285w Polycrystalline module, and first to offer the World leading “Swiss Re” module insurance with full cover and reinsurance option.


  • GCL is a vertically integrated company from the wafers all the way to solar farm. With GCL guaranteed wafers the quality is carried all the way through the product and will provide lasting power over the 25 year warranty.
  • GCL has the largest market cap in the PV industry. GCL has been in power generation business 20 years and is going to be here standing behind the warranty for 25 years more.
  • GCL modules decrease installation time and costs with our standard Easy-Installation compatible frames.

Performance Overview

  • Industry leading positive power tolerance from 0  to 5W.  Module efficiencies as high as 15.5%
  • Certified to withstand snow loads up to 5400Pa
  • 10‐year product workmanship warranty and 25 year linear power output warranty
  • High module convesion efficiency from efficiency wafer and cell
  • Coating glass for self-cleaning, reduce surface dust to keep the power output stable
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Linear Performance Warranty

Year Product Warranty
Year Linear Power Warranty
Max Power Output
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