enphase micro inverters

Enphase is a solar technology company founded in California with global reach of 11 countries and over 9 million inverters sold worldwide. Their engineering team is in tireless pursuit to innovate ways of making solar energy smarter at a quality that breaks industry standards records.

Enphase M250 Microinverter

Microinverters operate independently to generate more energy and greater cost savings than string inverters.

  • Built for faster, simpler installations.
  • Best-in-class quality backed by industry-leading warranties.
  • Fourth-generation technology for residential and commercial systems.
Enphase M250/M260 Micro Inverter for Solar Panels in Melbourne

A Solution For Any Job

Meet the fourth-generation Enphase Microinverter family, the world’s most advanced inverter technology.

Enphase M250/M260 Micro Inverter Performance for Solar Panels

The Enphase M250 Micro Inverter

If you’re using higher powered modules in a 230/400V system, the M250 is your match. It offers all the advantages of the M215, optimised for modules of 210-350W.

  • Rated Output Power: 250W AC
  • Commonly used module pairing – input power: 210-350W
  • Operating Range: 16 – 48 V
  • Best-in-class 95.7% EU efficiency
  • Module Compatibility: 60-cell modules
  • Compliance: AS4777, C10/11, CEI_0-21, EN50438, EN62109-1, EN62109-2, ERDF-NOI-RES_13E_V5, G59/2, G83/2, VDE-0126-1-1 + A1, VDE AR-N 4105