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Lumenaus is an Australian company in Melbourne that provides high quality Solar Panels, Inverters and Batteries for Medium to Large Commerical installations. Our objective is to completely satisfy you as our client by providing quality and environmentally friendly solar and battery systems optimized for On-Grid or Off-Grid use.

Greater City Tyres Solar installation

Lumenaus Offers You The Highest Quality

Solar Panels, Inverters And Batteries Available On The Global Market Today

We offer solar power systems that are engineered and manufactured in Germany, USA, Korea and Australia, performing with high efficiency and unmatched service lifespan. All products are designed and tested to easily handle the urban and rural environment of Australia.

Greater City Tyres Solar installation


The commercial benefits of solar energy for companies consist a long list. Taking advantage of available space (roof or land) to add a solar panel PV system will help you reduce operating costs, grow immune to electricity price jumps, reduce carbon footprint and raise company public profile to attract clients and investors. We tailor the optimal solar system for your needs and install it in both urban or rural, mild or harsh environments.

Greater City Tyres Solar installation


The best part about solar energy from solar PV panels is the endless possibility to scale a system. Lumenaus can provide installations from a single solar panel up to very big solar plants that will satisfy the energy requirements of large power users. These can also be built as a common venture between multiple manufacturing, retail or farming businesses in a shared area. The savings and ROI with commercial solar systems at this scale are immense.

Commercial Solar Panels With Battery Storage

Our experienced team installs complete On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Arrays with large Battery Storage capacity. Everything is executed professionally with durable equipment to ensure long service lifespan, meeting all safety and performance standards.

Lumenaus SOLAR now offers up to 7 year FINANCE Solutions
for commercial solar systems.

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  • The-Large-scale-Renewable-Energy-Scheme-in-Victoria

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

The Renewable Energy Target is an Australian Government scheme designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in by encourage electricity generation from sustainable and renewable sources. The Renewable Energy Target works by allowing both large-scale power stations and the owners of small-scale systems to create certificates for every megawatt hour of power they generate.



Samsung SDI Unveils New Energy Storage Products at Intersolar Europe 2015

Samsung SDI, the world’s largest provider of Lithium ion battery, unveiled two residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany. The new Single Phase AIO 5 (5.5kWh) and Three Phase AIO 8 (8.0kWh), were designed in addition to the existing 3.6kWh system to address full segments of German residential ESS market.


  • Enphase Micro Inverters in Melbourne Australia by Lumenaus

Enphase completes largest installation in Australia

Enphase Energy has completed the largest microinverter installation in South Australia. Enphase installed their M215 Microinverters for a 100 kW rooftop PV system at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, which has a seating capacity for 12,000 people. The solar installation will provide a significant portion of the venue’s necessary power.


Customer Testimonials

“I just want to say how pleased I am with my new solar panels, inverters and batteries from Lumenaus, I was a bit unsure about which provider to go with but I felt the most confidence when dealing with Michael and going with him proved to be a great experience… So much so that I bought a second System for my Investment Property. Thanks Lumenaus!”
Mr. Arben Tairi, Caroline Springs
“I have to express my appreciation for the way our solar panels installation has been handled. On placing our order we stressed the importance of ontime delivery and you delivered! We can now look forward to enjoying the benefits that our new solar panels will provide. I am more than happy to confirm with prospective clients the attractiveness of dealing with Lumenaus.”
Mr. George Purvis, Brighton
“I recently purchased solar panels system from Lumenaus. I had extremely prompt service and advice with the paperwork related to the government tariffs. Entire process was extremely smooth and Michael and his team were professional and very reliable. I would have full confidence in recommending Lumenaus to any customer contemplating the purchase of solar electricity.”
Ms. Shellee, Shepparton

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